WWII tours….boring?

One: Hey, How about this battlefield tour? looks interesting
Two: its too much history, too boring…ask Jim.
One: your dad fought in WWII… aren’t you interested?
Two: yea, but it’ll be too much military-ese.. boring.

Check out these photos of “Boring!”
Marie in bunker
view of the Eiffel Tower from our evening dinner cruise
 Don, Jim, Andrea
 one way to remember hotel address
Gibson Saluting
409 Hofbrau dancer
Seine Cruise - Bunny, Susan, Kehoes
laura passuello
Wreath laying at Patton's Grave, Luxembourg
Hofbrau Haus... they serve food, too!
Belgium, Ferris Wheel in Bastogne
Robbie - Beer wench
Calabria in the distance, leaving Sicily