“…tried not to exhale too fast so they wouldn’t see my breath.”

The Malmedy Massacre occurred seventy-one years ago at the start of the Battle of the Bulge.  Harold Billow is a survivor of the massacre which claimed the lives of eighty-seven of his comrades as they stood, unarmed .. German POWS.. in a field in Belgium.  When Harold shares his story, he emphasizes the terror they felt as the SS opened fire on them.  Small in stature, at 5’4″, Harold fell to the ground, surrounded by men much larger, and pressed himself into the frozen ground.  As the Germans went soldier to soldier, with guns and bayonets, killing the wounded, he held his breath … and exhaled as slowly as possible, to try to keep the condensation of his breath from being noticed.  He’s never returned to the massacre site.

Every year, on the anniversary of the massacre, he places eighty-seven flags in his yard to remember his fallen comrades.   A true Patriot and a national treasure, and a delightful man who is everything you’d expect from his warm smile and embrace!