Italian Campaign: Landing Beaches to Riva Ridge 
 October 1-13, 2019

Land Rate: $5995.00  2019-VBC-WWII-Italian-Tour-Itinerary
(+$950.00 Solo Supplement)
Group Air from PIT:  Quoted at $1250.00  FIRM by 1/31/19

Our focus – the route of fighting from Operation Avalanche in September 1943 through the “Forgotten Front” from June 1944 – May 1945,  the mountainous terrain of the northern Appenines

2016 – Part of group, landscape of WWII Vehicles,
near San Pietro
(we had the place to ourselves!)


Paestum Ruins
Abbey of Monte Cassino
Cassino War Museum
San Pietro Infine Museum
Piana delle Orme Museum
Anzio Landings Museum
Montese History Museum
Museo di Salo

Walking tour of Florence
Free Time in Venice
Cruise on Lake Garda

Polish War Cemetery
British War Cemetery
German War Cemetery
Italian War Cemetery
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Florence American Cemetery

Battlefields – Beaches – Peaks – Ports
36th Infantry Division Monuments
San Pietro Infine
Borgo a Mazzano – Buffalo Soldiers

Part of our 2016 group at the Polish Cemetery in the shadow of the Abbey of Monte Cassino

Group at the Abbey of Monte Cassino

Full Tour Itinerary:
Tuesday, October 1 – Sunday, October 13, 2019

Of the Italian Campaign, author Rick Atkinson, in part two of his Liberation Trilogy, The Day of Battle, writes

… the long middle leg of the race was about to begin, of uncertain duration, over an undetermined course, and few doubted that new virtues would be needed: endurance, impenitence, an obdurate will.