Legacies of Leadership 
 June 2014

June 2014 Leadership …… from battle-hardened generals to untested young platoon leaders  – commanded to the carry out the D-Day Invasion –

Battlesites and Highlights

Wreath Laying at grave site at Normandy American Cemetery

Winters’ Leadership Memorial and Brecourt Manor

Major Howie Memorial in St. Lo

Angoville au Plain where two 101st Medics treated wounded in a small church…including German soldiers

La Roche Guyon – Rommel’s palacial headquarters north west of Paris


Tank at St Lo

Saint Lo – Leadership of Major Tom Howie examined.

Timmes Orchard - Paratrooper Memorial in Normandy

Leadership by elements of the 82nd succeeded at Timmes Orchard, Normandy

Shields 52nd Anniversary in Ste Mere-Eglise, FR

Shield’s 52nd anniversary – fuzzy pic but a CLEAR reason to party!

2014 June  The Five Veterans

Honoring the Veterans on the tour –
a brotherhood and bond

Stripes on the underneath of the wings

DON’T SHOOT – ITS OURS… stripes underneath the wings!

Picauville pointing to objective

The Military Objective – Picauville, Normandy