Tour Photos

Our military dead who chose to be buried on foreign soil where they died. American Battle Monuments Commission maintains the cemeteries and monuments worldwide.

Wreath laying, Normandy American Cemetery, June 2014

Memorial pool, Luxembourg American Cemetery

Susan Alexander at Uncle’s Gravesite American Cemetery of the Netherlands

American Cemetery at Luxembourg, Entryway

WWII Vet Ed Hallo with Dutch citizen Ron Stassen who said “Thank you, sir.”

American Cemetery of the Netherlands in Margraten, words in the chapel

Operations map, American Cemetery of the Netherlands, Margraten

Margraten, words in the chapel

General Patton’s grave, buried with his men, American Cemetery of Luxembourg

Official Welcome and Tour, American Cemetery of Normandy

WWII Vet and his grandson reflect upon the peacefulness, American Cemetery of Normandy

September 11 observation, American Cemetery of Normandy

… whose resting place in known only to God.

Gravesite tributes left year round thanks to the Grave Adoption program in the Netherlands

American Cemetery of the Netherlands, Margraten – Many who died in Operation Marke-Garden and humanitarian mission Operation Varsity lie here

Tribute to our military dead not recovered but whose sacrifice is remembered, American Cemetery of the Netherlands, Margraten

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery Historian Veronica greets Steve and group

101st HQ Bastogne

At the same widow, 1944

Bastogne Square

Bois Jacques Memorial

Bois Jacques

Cafe Le Nuts

Easy’s position in their foxholes

E-Company Memorial outside Bastogne


Foxholes, Bois Jacques

German Cemetery

In memory of 101st at Bastogne

Mardasson Monument

Monument Poem

Monument to E-Company

‘Nuts’ replied McAuliffe

Temp Cemetery at Foy

Wall of Honor, E-Company’s losses

Brecourt Manor, Hallowed ground

Brecourt Manor

Bunker above Omaha

Calvados Salute

E-Company Monument, Brecourt Manor

Gen Bradley’s words

Honor and gratitude toward the unsung heroes

John Steele, caught by his canopy

Omaha Beach Bunker View


Once a flooded pasture 1k X 10K, object of the 82nd

Paratrooper angels from above honored in stained glass of many churches

Point DH landscape

Pointe du Hoc emplacement

Rangers at Pointe du Hoc

Rudder’s Cliffs, at Point Du Hoc

September Group

Simply stated

Stained Glass Tribute

Stained Glass with Airborne Insignia

Stairway to Omaha Beach

Ste Marie du Mont, Easy Company reenacted at WWI statue

Superintendent, Normandy Cemetery

The House, Brecourt Manor

The view down Omaha Beach

9-11-01 commemorated during September tour

82nd Airborne Iron Mike stands watch over the Merderet River

A Sniper’s position, Normandy

Airborne Tribute at Church Entry, Angoville au Plain

Bloodstained Pew where a soldier once laid

Bloody Omaha

Digital StillCamera

A homeowners shrine in his garage

Ageing Brit paratrooper with our tour

All American Transfer

Arnhem welcome returning WWII Vets

Digital StillCamera

Groesbeek, Hall of Honor Remembrance Ceremony, WWII Veterans

Group with owner Charles, Brecourt Manor

In His Footsteps, Winters reported here


Once a Witness to 101st canopies floating down from the sky

Our guide with British Airborne WWII Vet

Our high school Junior with WWII Veteran

Our Vets lower Old Glory

Photo and Our tour stop, 101st HQ, Bastogne

relics behind the barn

Remember September British honor guard in Oosterbeek

Screaming Eagle transfer

September 1944 young girl in white dress met our group 2011

Simply stated

Students lower Old Glory

the meaning of hero

Wreath laying at Patton’s Grave, Luxembourg




State of Kansas citation for Dutch historian preserving US military legacies…Thank you, Foppe.

American Cemetery of the Netherlands – Margraten Cemetery landscape

Alex Penkala, Easy Company, buried American Cemetery of the Netherlands in Margraten after being killed in his foxhole in Jack’s Woods

Beer Garden Break in Eindhoven, September 2014

Susan Alexander at Uncle’s Gravesite American Cemetery of the Netherlands

Our colleague Ron Stassen with Steve at the American Cemetery of the Netherlands in Margraten, NE

Summary of the Nazi occupation in the Netherlands, Wings of Liberation Museum

Dan Steiner, blue shirt, receives a proclamation of gratitude acknowledging his family’s sacrifice… Photo of Dan’s Uncle who perished when his plane crashed, January 1945

Our colleague Foppe with Dan Steiner, orange shirt, and Steve at Wings of Liberation Museum

Our WWII battlefield tour, in vintage WWII vehicles – 90 minutes of fun and learning

Steve schools re-enactors about his service in Afghanistan

82nd Airborne commemorative jump on the 70th anniversary of Market-Garden, near Liberation Museum, Groesbeek… we had a great view for two hours of re-enactment!

Steve and Laura catch up with 101st WWII paratrooper Gene Gilbreath at the home of our Dutch friends who welcome our tour group to visit their make shift shrine to the Screaming Eagles. Gene landed in their field.

Notice the Screaming Eagle on the peak of the home of our Dutch friends, where we gathered for a photo … recovered canopy in front of us!

All smiles before our battlefield tour in vintage WWII vehicles.

A stop during our battlefield tour in WWII Vehicles.

A debt of gratitude from the Dutch.

Inspecting a canopy at the home of Dutch friends who have recovered hundreds of objects in their fields.

Steve explains the significance of Schoonderlogt, LTC Strayer’s HQ during the Battle of Arnhem, where we stop for a photo op replicating the iconic photo of Major Dick Winters.

The towns of the US Airborne objectives, Operation Market-Garden.

Restaurant in Eindhoven welcomes us with a “thank you” and wonderful meal!