Here are a few of our favorite notes and videos…

Jones at Pointe du Hoc

Carolyn and Phil Jones, Waterford, MI,
September 2014
We had such a wonderful time and still think about this trip daily. 

   We both learned a lot, and being there really brought the history of WWII to life.  Seeing the towns and landscapes, and meeting the local residents, brought so much more meaning and understanding to the war movies we have seen. We were particularly impressed by the people in the Netherlands and how committed they are to never forgetting the history and horror of Nazi occupation and how grateful they are for their liberation.  We were amazed to hear that Dutch families adopt a grave and try to get to know about the person who sacrificed their life for them, attempting to contact their family members, and passing this on from generation to generation.  It’s hard to believe most Americans have never heard about this, and is something that should certainly be more well known.   

                   WWII Veteran from Florida meets us at Margraten
Jeanne and Jim Gallen, Glenn Mills, PA
September 2013
 “It was the little things that made this trip so memorable. 

 Like being at Timme’s Orchard and having the owner   of the property come out and ask us if we wanted to go onto her property to see the foxholes they’ve researched and excavated.  Like being in the Cemetery at Margraten and because of Steve, running into a WWII vet who joined us for our walk and talked to us.  Like having relationships with other guides and experts that allowed us to hear from other knowledgeable people.  These little things turned it from a great trip into an extraordinary trip!”  

Digital StillCamera

Bill  Jackson(blue jacket), Hummelstown, PA,  April , 2011
Eulogist at Major Dick Winters’ Memorial Service
“I’ve been on other WWII tours and they just don’t compare to the experience of this tour.

    Meeting Charles (grey sweater) and visiting Brecourt Manor where Dick Winters and members of Easy Company took out the four German artillery guns was unforgettable.” 

Amy & Denise, Airborne Museum, Ste. Mere-Eglise, Normandy

Amy Benton and Denise Gibson, Mt. Joy, PA
September 2013
“Denise and I had the most incredible experience over in Europe! 

Have to say this trip easily ranks as one of the top vacations of our lives!  Steve, well what can I say….. he is just amazing from organizing everyone and making sure we are all on time etc. to his vast knowledge of WWII history.  It was obvious from the start that his personal connections were going to make this trip something very special and it did.  Just amazing……Also, I must say the we really appreciated how coordinated you had this – it was just so easy…..thank you.”

P1010421 copy

Eileen Kamps and Art Blanco (82nd Airborne), Reno, NV
September 2013
“From Eileen – We have not stopped talking about our trip!!!! 

  First of all a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for putting together such an outstanding FIVE STAR tour….still get emotional just remembering our journey…….we are looking forward to Italy so please keep us informed about that trip……..and now,  a separate note from ART……Hello Laura,  Trip was Great  Steve is a walking encyclopedia.  We now know more about Major Winters, almost feel like we knew him  personally.  We had a great experience everywhere we went……” 


Jere and Susan Worrell, Kennett Square, PA
September 2014

“You and Steve exceeded our expectations.  

 We saw a lot, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun.  This would not have happened without your guidance and Steve’s history background.  We will surely recommend your company!”

Terry Hartzell, Middletown, PA
September 2014

Bert Shipman, Downingtown, PA
September, 2014

Adam Bentz, Bethlehem, PA
July 2011 


Carole Hite-Welch, Librarian,
Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society
July 2012

“While I knew it would be an excellent tour, it was even better than I anticipated.

The people on the tour quickly formed a cohesive group. Dinners together gave everyone an opportunity to share similar and different perspectives of the days events as well as new understandings.”


Judy and Ray Chelte, Chicopee, MA
Ray – Korea Vet – 82nd Airborne
July 2012

“We had a wonderful time — looking back at the whole trip,

I can’t believe the number of places we saw and the number of miles we traveled. It was an incredible experience, one that we are very glad we were able to be part of. I’m sure you’ve heard this comment over and over, but it bears repeating because it’s true:  Steve Mrozek is an outstanding guide. We were, indeed, fortunate to have him in charge of the whole trip. He is knowledgeable and organized, and he’s a really nice person — a real gentleman.”  


Lucy Nesbitt, Meadville, PA and son Matt; SC
Lucy’s father, and two uncles, served in the ETO
July 2012

“ I could write a book about our trip and those who traveled with us.

It was great! You did an amazing job of putting it all together. Matt and I had such a good time.”

Gibson Edited Saluting
Kirk Gibson, Harrisburg, PA
Pres., Central PA WWII Round Table
Central Pa Chapter 82nd Airborne
April and October 2011

“…Steve Mrozek is a traveling encyclopedia,

and his descriptions of the action really brought life to the places we visited, many of which are not on the average tourist’s map. Private homes, garages and barns of locals who have accumulated relics from their fields and forests over the years are among Steve’s access points, where you can see and touch the typical gear borne by the soldiers.  It’s a magical feeling. “

Hannigan Family
Cathy Graham-Kline, daughter of Bill Hannigan,
WWII Veteran,
brother Chip & Bill’s sister Donna 
from Minneapolis, MN
May 2011

“Thank you so much for such a great tour. 

My dad, and Aunt Donna, Chip and I are still sharing stories and photos with our family about the places we went… reliving what dad experienced during WWII… Hope you can make his 90th birthday!”
Kyle Webber, Palmyra, PA
Class of 2014, Palmyra Senior High School
July 2011

“The trip to Europe was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

While I learned a lot about WWII, things you can’t learn in America or from a text book, I also learned about the culture and food. I realized how we as Americans changed the world of today in WWII and how America was changed by WWII.  When you’re over there, you learn not only about how American soldiers fought but also how soldiers of the Allied forces fought and how people who couldn’t fight had resisted against German tyranny for years.”

Donnaleen Lanktree, Rochester Hills, MI
Pres., Rosie the Riveter National Association
& her sister Denise Clark, Irving, TX
September, 2011

“My sister and I had planned this trip for over a year.

It was a way to connect with our Father who served during WWII. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the trip. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the places we visited. He was able to take us to unique places and share interesting stories about the military and local people’s experiences during that time. It made us proud of my father’s service and that of all our US servicemen.”

4New Picture

Terry O. Schott, Myerstown, PA
April 2011

“Just a note to say thank you for a job well done in making this trip

 a wonderful and rewarding experience. Your organization of details and the work done by your associates made this tour a huge success for all of us. It is a journey through history never to be forgotten. Months from now, I’ll still be anxious to tell the story of all we experienced on this tour. Thank you again.  Hang Tough!”

6New Picture

Bernard Cheney, ME, & grandson Peter, Machias, ME
“Bernie” – WWII Vet attached to 82nd Airborne
May 2011

“My grandfather and I cannot thank you enough. 

We had a wonderful journey together.  He is still talking about it.”

5New Picture

Jim Stough, and son David,
Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society Members,
September 2011

“This tour exceeded our expectations.  While I can cross this off my “bucket list” I am waiting for the call to serve as an escort on future tours.  I’d love to go back.”

A lunch stop in Catania, Sicily

John Schlegel, right, Myerstown, PA
In the Footsteps of Major Dick Winters, April 2011

The Italian Campaign, October 2014 

“Once again you have made a trip very enjoyable.  

You have a special gift in making these trips such great experiences.   I can’t thank you enough.” 


Bill & Nancy Smeltzer, Lebanon, PA
September, 2014

“Thank you for an exceptionally enjoyable, educational and fun trip!

You did a great job with scheduling, coordination, planning and you handled inevitable bumps in the road with ease.  It was a pleasure to travel with all our fellow travelers.  For our first trip to Europe, it was the best!  I’m afraid this trip will be hard to top!”