Roosevelt Cafe – more than a lunch stop

The Roosevelt Cafe, near the Utah Beach Museum, is a great place for steamed mussels and frites, a specialty of the area…. BUT for WWII enthusiasts, the signatures on the walls are the real attraction.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of WWII Veterans who have visited have penned their names on the walls, tables and countertops…. some simply state their unit, or dates of service, others write a brief message about victory and peace.  You’ll even find  messages of appreciation for Norman villagers who sheltered the young warriors of the Allied forces from the patroling Nazis during the early days of the Normandy Campaign.

Our tours include the Museum, a walk onto Utah Beach and stops at memorials and monuments,  a lunch break…. and time to linger and enjoy the many messages and signatures at Roosevelt Cafe.

The Roosevelt Cafe, Utah Beach