Partners in Europe & Vietnam

“Our colleagues and partners in Europe & Vietnam are awesome!
Along with museum docents & staff, these people offer us “extra” attention.Cycle through the photos below … each person is identified by a caption line above their photo.

Throughout the year, many communicate with us … telling about visiting Veterans or family members, new discoveries, expanded exhibits, and plans for celebrations and commemorations.
While most work full time, they take time to meet us and add to the history “lesson” of the day.
Its not unusual for Charles at Brecourt Manor to join us in a walk across the pasture….

Vietnam Historian Jim Mahoney with a colleague in South Vietnam.

Margraten ABMC Cemetery Superintendent assists our WWII Vets lower the flag during taps

Charles, owner at Brecourt manor, welcomes us onto his farm

Eric Lemoine, Belgian Army Officer, hosts us in Bastogne at 101st 1944 HQ

Eindhoven, Wings of Liberation’s docents and guides

Foppe de Lang, Center, assists with research near Eindhoven, NE. Pictured with Cathy and Dan Steiner – Foppe located the crash site where Dan’s uncle was killed in January, 1945, near Nuenen, NE.

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery host Veronica Stasio with Steve

In Sicily, Andrea Calabrese, center, knows the WWII history of the landings… and provides translation to order beverages!

Vivian, our host at La Fiere B&B, welcomes one of our WWII Veterans…on his first trip to Normandy.

Roland Gaul in Luxembourg

Utah Beach D-Day Museum

Airborne Museum, Ste. Mere-Eglise

Ralph Peeters with Jake Downey

Ron Stassen, Holland

At Bastogne Barracks, former HQ for 101st

British historian and caretaker, The Map Room

Duxford Air Show hosts