One soldier’s journal entry on V-E – May 8, 1945

What did the soldiers on the ground in Europe think when Germany surrendered sixty-nine years ago? T/3 Gordy Starck, a medic in Company G, 505th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne, had made four combat jumps. He had survived the fighting across Sicily, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, and through Germany. He had held young wounded soldiers until they breathed their last breath because he didn’t want them to die alone. These are his thoughts written in May 1945,  after he had learned of the German capitulation. Take time to remember and thank those who served, liberating Western Europe, for time to acknowledge them is running out.

Historian and guide Steve Mrozek has an amazing collection of memorabilia from WWII Veterans who trust him with their memories…he shared this photo of Starck’s journal entry.  Gordy Starck died December 29, 2013.