Band of Brothers

Major Winters Tour

If you’re going to do ONE European battlefield tour in your life, this is the one to choose.

Approved by Major Winters in 2008 for friends in Hershey, PA, this itinerary delivers an immersion experience, twelve days of dawn to dusk battlefield touring based on the 1944-45 route of Easy Company’s “Band of Brothers.”

Generous time is given at each museum, cemetery and battlefield site as you cover the route of the  paratroopers, tank battalions and foot soldiers.

Private reception – at La Fiere, the site of intense fighting by the 82nd Airborne on D-Day, you’ll gain full appreciation for Rommel’s asparagus and the flooded fields where many paratroopers drowned when they landed.

Exclusive Museum access – our Dutch hosts welcome you to the museum for exclusive access on a day when the museum is closed to the plublic including a tour of the restoration garages.

Unique experiences – Travel to the paratrooper drop zone in Holland in restored WWII vehicles.