National D-Day Memorial: Veteran remarked “our stripes didn’t look like that”

Army ingenuity got the job done.

Here, at the “Grasshopper” at the National D-Day Memorial,  a WWII Veteran had recalled his contribution to the D-Day preparation task of painting stripes on the underside of the wings to prevent “friendly fire” from Allied troops below…


In total, 11,000 warbirds is 22,000 WINGS… and  just twenty-four hours to finish the job!


More about
the National D-Day Memorial 

The National D-Day Memorial sits on a bluff overlooking the town of Bedford, Virginia.  Bedford sustained the highest per capita D-Day losses than any other town in America ….a town of 3,000 lost nineteen “boys” serving with the 116th Regiment of the 29th ID.  Three more were lost within days. “The ultimate D-Day sacrifice.”  Alex Kershaw, The Bedford Boys

The center-piece of the memorial plaza is an invasion tableau – bronze life-sized soldiers exiting the open jaw of a granite replica of an LST, coming ashore onto Omaha Beach.

The center plaza is surrounded by additional memorials, bronze busts of SHAEF commanders, a tablet of names of the 2500 American servicemen killed on June 6, 1944, and plaques to each of  the sixteen companies of the 116th Regiment who stormed Omaha Beach, where the town of Bedford lost a generation of young men.  Photos courtesy of Dog Tag Tours.