Tour FAQs

Are credit cards accepted in countries on itineraries?

VISA and Mastercard are widely accepted. Discover and American Express frequently
are not accepted.

Are there ATMs?

Yes. ATMs are widely available.  We encourage you to consider a preloaded debit card, which can be purchased at your bank or AAA, or at most international airports. If this card is lost or stolen, only the preloaded amount is at risk. If you lose your bank debit card, personal information and funds might be compromised.

What about getting money to use in each country?

You can exchange US currency at AAA or perhaps at your bank.  In your travel documents that you’ll receive a month prior to departure, you’ll be advised of a recommended amount of cash to purchase, and in what currency.  E. G.  The UK – British Pound Sterling, Europe – Euro, Vietnam – Dong

Will my cell phone work in Europe?

Call your wireless provider and ask about international calling plans and costs which
pertain to your phone and contract. You will also need an International Calling Guide from your provider.

I need to stay connected. Will I have WIFI?

Some hotels have FREE WIFI while others have “Hot-Spots” and still others have an
hourly or daily charge when you sign in. During the day, you will be too busy touring to “log in” unless you “turn on” international service on your smart phone.

What are the hotels like?

We choose 3/4 Star properties, some with historical significance. All hotels have private baths.

In Western Europe, many hotels do not have air conditioning and most do not have screens on windows. This is standard in much of Western Europe.

We “repeat” in hotels that prior travelers have raved about! Some hotels have small fitness centers or pools. All have a lounge and bar. A bountiful European breakfast is included daily.

In Vietnam, hotels have air conditioning and modern conveniences.

What electricity requirements are there?

Both an electrical converter and a plug adapter are necessary. Check your local AAA
or electronics or luggage store for converters and adapters which are bundled together and are usable worldwide.

How many pieces of luggage are permitted?

Due to motor-coach limitations, each passenger may bring one large suitcase weighing no more than 50 lbs. We change hotels almost daily – a heavy suitcase, or multiple pieces of luggage will be burdensome to transfer. You are encouraged to bring a backpack which can be brought on the motor-coach with you each day. Great for holding maps, itinerary, medication, rain gear, books, binoculars, camera.

What will the food be like?

We choose menus that offer authentic selections of each country. We do not offer a separate selection for special diets, but please let us know any requirements you have and we will accommodate.

What type of footwear is needed?

Two pairs of comfortable, sturdy walking shoes or “light” hiking shoes are advised.
Athletic shoes are also acceptable. Terrain is uneven at times and you will scrape “debris” from the soles of your shoes.

What’s the dress code?

Jeans, golf shirts, long sleeve rugby shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, and khakis are the norm. Golf shorts are welcome for summer tours and in Vietnam.

Layers are necessary, especially on European tours that include the Eagle’s Nest which sits at 9,000 feet in the Bavarian Alps.

No dress clothes are necessary. Leave your “bling” and valuables at home!

Will I need a VISA?

Currently, VISAs are not necessary for any of our Western European tours. If you opt to extend a tour, the country requirements for a VISA can be checked on the State Department website.


How much free time is there?

Tour dependent.  On all tours, you will marinate in military history – days are full – generally part of the day is inside while much of the day will be outside at battlefields, landing zones, beaches, cemeteries. While some tours stop at the monuments, memorials and museums, we take you beyond the brick and mortar, to hallowed ground …. along the hedgerows, beside the canals, on the beaches, in the foxholes.  Check the tour’s itinerary for “FREE Time” offered in cities.

Some tours are “all-inclusive.” Why aren’t all meals included?

You will have freedom of choice to try a cafe, restaurant or pub that fits your budget and culinary interest. Maybe the local pizza place will be just what you want! (Do you really want to have every meal with the same 20 – 30 people for twelve days in a row?)

What additional costs are there?

Your extra expenses will be for 4-5 dinners and lunch stops en route between attractions. Alcoholic beverages are not included. We advise an additional $300 – $400 US will be out of pocket.

Air Travel

Will we get a surcharge for fuel and taxes at the last minute?

We provide the fare quoted to us by the airline when we register our group block. As soon as we have everyone’s airline payment, we complete the purchase of our airfare – generally 120 days prior to departure. The airlines will asses any surcharge or fees at that time and we will reflect that addition on your next statement. Surcharges and fees have been less than $30.00 since 2008, although we have no control over the amount the airlines charge.

What about upgrading to Business Class or First Class?

The group block is only set aside for coach passengers, or economy seating. Business or First Class tickets have to be purchased independently at the prevailing fare.

Can I use frequent flyer miles or mileage awards?

If you travel on our group block, the airlines do not permit group travelers to utilize frequent flyer miles as payment of the air fare. However, you are still able to earn miles on your account and we collect your account numbers to add to your e-ticket.

You may use mileage awards to travel on the same flights but the airline will require you to make those arrangements independently. Many of our tours do not have roundtrip flights, in and out of the same airport in Europe; mileage awards are typically limited to round trip flights.

Does Dog Tag Tours take care of our air travel?

Many of our tours offer an option to travel from Newark or Philadelphia in our Group Block. Unlike individually purchased air fare, Group air fare can be refunded up until 120 days prior to departure.
Optionally, we are happy to assist with individual air travel from your preferred departure airport.
Past travelers have arranged “pre” and “post” tour travel in Europe or Vietnam.

Insurance & Emergencies

What about pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are covered provided you purchase travel protection before making the final payment. We encourage you to purchase travel protection at the time of deposit. The premium is refundable if you cancel before final payment.

What’s the cost?

We offer a group policy so there is no age penalty for senior travelers. The cost ranges from $175 to $400, depending upon the non-refundable cost of your trip and the type of policy you select.
If you add travel components to the base tour, e.g. pre or post tour days to do other touring, the covered amount can be increased to include those additional non-refundable travel costs.

What about travel insurance?

What about Travel Protection?

We encourage all travelers to purchase Travel Protection, through Travel Insured International. You can read more information about their products by clicking the following link: www.travelinsured.com.

Through the process of filing a claim and submitting required documentation, Travel Protection reimburses the non-refundable costs of your trip in the event that you have to cancel for a covered reason. A higher level of coverage can be purchased to cover cancellation for any reason (not available in the state of New York).

Travel Protection can help protect your trip from unexpected circumstances. The Plan Document, that you will receive upon purchase, defines the terms and the benefits



I have medical insurance. Will I be covered for a health emergency while traveling?

Health Insurance plans vary. Call your insurer’s customer service line and ask what coverage you’ll have if you require emergency care while traveling.