Day Turner – gold lettering sets his headstone apart

March 25  – National Medal of Honor Day

Like the dog tags they wore, the alabaster crosses marking the graves of our military dead are equal, regardless of rank or branch of service.  Only the gold lettering sets apart the headstones of those whose service was deemed “above and beyond the call of duty.”

At the American Cemetery in Luxembourg, our tour groups, like most, stop at General Patton’s headstone, at the top of the cemetery.

                      General Patton’s Grave

Then you’re invited down the manicured slope to the grave of twenty-three year old Day Turner… a name unfamiliar to most.

In January, 1945, Turner’s actions in a farmhouse in Dahl, Luxembourg were heroic.  Under his command, his unit of nine men repelled multiple German attacks.  Ultimately, twenty-five German soldiers surrendered to the young Staff Sergeant.

A month later, he was killed in action.

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Just a blink in the days and weeks of fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.