If you want mud from the battlefields on the soles of your shoes, our tours are for you. You’ll get out into the pastures, walk on the beaches, crouch by the foxholes, and duck around the hedgerows on our WWII tours.  In Vietnam, stand at the DMZ, walk along China Beach, cruise on the Mekong Delta, take a “selfie” at the “Rock Pile.”

All Airborne Tour
October, 2011

Paratroopers – jumping out of a perfectly good airplane… behind enemy lines… into heavily defended fortresses…flooded pastures… Tour Highlights featured significant airborne operations, including the 1940 German attack, with just 77 paras, on Belgian Fort Eben-Emael, defended by 3,000 soldiers; The maneuver ranks as one of the greatest special operations raids in history, and opened […]

“All the Way to Berlin” 
 with LTC “Maggie” Megellas
May, 2011

LTC Jim “Maggie” Megellas is the most decorated officer of the 82nd Airborne Division.  We crafted an itinerary to take Maggie and his men back to the battlefields in support of the filming for a documentary to air on PBS entitled “Maggie’s War.” Tour Highlights: Nancy LaRiviere’s commemorative skydive over Nijmegen near the spot her father jumped on […]