Major Dick Winters – born January 21, 1918 –

Major Richard “Dick” Winters was born near Ephrata, Lancaster County, PA, on January 21, 1918.  […]

Wreaths Across America initiative

In December, as part of the initiative of Wreaths Across America, we supported the event […]

Serial Numbers – still remembered

Gathered at a table at an event on Veterans Day – they could remember and […]

WWII Veteran in Margraten

Our group met this WWII Veteran from Melbourne, FL, at the ABMC of the Netherlands – Margraten.  […]

Martin King, author & historian

Author and British Historian Martin King joined the group in Bastogne to tell about the […]

German Paratrooper greeting

At WWII Days in Reading, an annual three-day “war bird” airshow sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Air […]

Flip Flops, Footwear, and WWII

The Flip-flop –  its name comes from the sound made as you walk in these lightweight […]