Cambridge, Princeton, Bletchley Park…acclaimed but condemned

During our 2017 May Tour,  Bomber Boys of the Royal Air Force & United States […]

B-17: Mighty Fortress…tail gunner worked offense and defense.

Aviation enthusiast Steve Groff offers a “fragment” of the many improvements made for the position of […]

Long awaited tribute by WWII Vet of Italian Campaign October 2016

In 2016, Don Rutter needed a passport to travel to Italy… in 1943, he jumped […]

VISA Travel Debit Cards… Seem like a good idea but a word of caution

Much of the globe is already on a CHIP & Pin system with credit and […]

“to climb those dunes, and see those bunkers”

When travelers say it like it is… and then register for TWO more tours, knowing we’ll […]

Forty & eights…boxcars of war and peace

Forty & eights, wooden train boxcars like this one in Salerno, Italy,  were used during […]

Many military sites won’t register on your GPS or google maps.

Good luck getting “Hill 424” to register on the GPS in your rental car, or […]

“I refused to sanction one plane… and Engineering said to send it up….”

WWII B-24 Flight Engineer Ted Hazell, 8th Airforce, took his job seriously and wasn’t afraid […]

Traveler explains WWII Vintage firearm and marksmanship hobby

Randy Ent will complete his third tour with Dog Tag Tours in October, 2016.  His […]

Malmedy survivor meets today’s soldiers and airmen at Ft. Indiantown Gap

WWII Veteran & Malmedy Massacre survivor Harold Billow demos the fire arm simulator at Ft. […]