“…tried not to exhale too fast so they wouldn’t see my breath.”

The Malmedy Massacre occurred seventy-one years ago at the start of the Battle of the […]

General Franco – Friend or Foe to the Fuhrer

Have you heard… we’re going to Spain in 2016!  So, of course, WWII background is essential! […]

The Dragon’s Teeth…remote, decaying, formidable

In 2015, Specialty Tours added yet another  “Special De-Tour” to view a decaying field of […]

Market-Garden – He missed it in ’44

He jumped into Sicily, Salerno and Normandy, and then, was captured by the Germans.  He […]

“Special De-tours” you should call it

“Laura, you should call it ‘Special De-Tours’…you’re always detouring to places no one else goes.” […]

WWII Veterans raise Old Glory in Normandy

Three WWII Veterans traveling in our tour group raised Old Glory at the opening of […]

Faith on the WWII Battlefields

During WWII, clergy of many faiths – priests, pastors, rabbis – served. These military chaplains […]


Photo of seven sided field…a treasure

Not his ribbons, citations, photos of himself with great authors or politicians or Hollywood “big […]


Hill 424 – Three Medals of Honor Earned

No parking lot or visitor center at this hilltop…where three Medals of Honor were earned. […]


Roosevelt Cafe – more than a lunch stop

The Roosevelt Cafe, near the Utah Beach Museum, is a great place for steamed mussels […]