We offer and plan group travel, and specialize in Military History destinations.  Our motto  could very well be “GO BIG OR GO HOME.”  We visit the best, like the American Cemetery in Normandy,  and the hidden gems, the Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum.  Our days are FULL... Experiences unique… riding in vintage WWII vehicles in Holland… Dates are “Shoulder Season” to enjoy great weather & minimal crowds.  To make sure each tour is FANTASTIC... we only plan two to four tours a year.  We’ve got a loyal following… clients who have done two, three even four trips with us. And then there are the “Bucket List” destinations… Cuba, Russia, Alaska, Iceland, Italy and Faith-based Journeys… Spain, Greece, and Israel.   Simply stated.. Our prices are GREAT and OUR TOURS ROCK!  

WWII Vet Floyd Demmy, moving out in vintage WWII vehicles,
near Eindhoven
 2017: September 09 – 24  
Day to Day Itinerary:
2017 WWII The Western Front
Special Feature:  Celebrate annual “Remember September” festivities in Eindhoven, where the Men of Easy Company “jumped in” on September 17, 1944 & enjoy a reception in Luxembourg to honor the 28th ID, the Iron Division from PA, liberators of Luxembourg

PLACES:  Versailles – Normandy (Pegasus Bridge-Arromanches-Utah Beach-Omaha Beach-Brecourt Manor-La Fiere-Pointe du Hoc)-Holland (Eindhoven-Groesbeek-Schoonderlogt-Grave-Zon)-Belgium (Ft. Eben Emael-Bastogne-Foy)-Luxembourg-Germany-(Dachau-The Eagle’s Nest)

HISTORIAN:  Steve Mrozek, Sgt., Ret., Former National Historian 82nd Airborne Division Association OR Mike Moy, PA 28th Infantry Division, Staff Sergeant, WWII Historian & Re-enactor

COST:  Land  $3895.00   Dbl Occ   ($800 solo supplement) Air from PHL  $950.00

DEADLINES: Deposit $650 due May 15  *  Final Payment: July 1



Hershey, Cuba smokestacks, replicas of smokestacks in Hershey, PA, home of Hershey Chocolate Company

Hershey smokestacks in Hershey, Cuba…replicas of those same stacks in Hershey, PA

 2017: November 30 – December 8 
Day to Day Itinerary:
Cuba: Isolated by Politics – Brimming with Promise

Special Feature: Hershey, Cuba – an “all-inclusive” village complete with elementary school, medical office, worker cottages, shops, gardens, a hotel and sugar refinery built by chocolate king Milton Hershey

PLACES: UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Trinidad & Old Havana – Author Ernest Hemingway’s winter home – Cienfuegos – Santa Clara – Cienada de Zapata National Park – San Jose Market – Hershey, Cuba

GUIDE:  Professional bi-lingual state licensed guide

COST: Land & Air from Miami $4649 per person, dbl occ (Solo Supplement $600.00) (Limited to twenty-two passengers!)

 DEADLINES: Deposit due May 15   *  Final Payment:  August 15

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Jim Mahoney with ARVN Soldier, near My Tho, Vietnam, 1968
 2018: January 18 – February 3 
Day to Day Itinerary:
Vietnam: The American Soldier’s Experience

Special Feature: First hand account by Jim and explanation about the seven wars playing out within the Vietnam War

PLACES: Hanoi – Halong Bay – Hue – Dong Ha – The DMZ – Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh City – The Mekong Delta – My Tho

HISTORIAN:  Jim Mahoney, USA, Colonel, Ret., Vietnam Veteran and Historian

COST:  Land & Air Package $3950 Dbl Occ from Houston ($500 solo supplement) – Inter-country air Hanoi to Hue; Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City

 DEADLINES: Deposit $650 due July 15   *  Final Payment:  September 15